Opportunities for Medical Students after Studying MBBS

Most of the students think that the MBBS degree is only linked with hospitals and patients. But MBBS degree has many dynamic career options like other professions. It is one of the fields which has a 100% employment rate. After doing MBBS that paves the way to scopes further in the medical field as well as in the non-medical field. There are various courses and career options after MBBS offered across an array of fields from health science to academic medicine. Here we have mentioned many opportunities for medical students after MBBS.

•   After clearing NEET-PG, one can complete post-graduation in any specialty field. Or one can go abroad for post-graduation by clearing exams like USMLE for the USA.

•   MD/MS/Diploma is the most commonly chosen path after MBBS for people who wish to continue with their medical career. You can pursue post-graduation in various fields like internal medicine, general surgery, etc.

•   One has similar options to that of any graduate, like applying for UPSC, IPS, IFS, and bank exams. The civil services after MBBS are here's always the options to join. You can choose these career option but you won't be dealing with patients anymore.

•   India is a step behind when it comes to research work. There is a great demand for clinical researchers in India and abroad. Various institutes to offer research opportunities are ICMR(Indian Council for Medical Research), CIMAP, CCMB(Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology), St. John's Research Institute and also WHO.

•   Masters in Health Administration (MHA) is a 3-year post-graduate degree (M.D.) in Health Administration that helps students to acquire the skills required in managing big specialty hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, etc.

•   After the MBBS course, you will have the opportunity to be a medicolegal speaker, medicolegal writer, medicolegal advisor, and medicolegal expert.

•   MBBS degree holders can also go for MMST. It is also offered by the IIT which deals with Bioinformatics, medical biotechnology, healthcare imaging, etc

•   A Master’s in Public Health can also be an alternate option. The significance of Public Health is recognized in western countries and India is also recognizing its value. You can become a medical officer in a PHC or any hospital. Or any administration/advisers posts in government body like the ministry of health, etc, or in any decisions making body like MCI.

•   You can become an army doctor, which is a very prestigious post. Further one can also open his/her clinic.

So, you see there are many opportunities after an MBBS program. You just need to select the best MBBS University. For more information about the MBBS program, admission, fee, and expenditure, contact Axis Institutes and talk to our consultant.