Fellowships and Post MD US and UK in partnerships with CUCOM and ACGME Accredited

Creating Global Physicians

Our program

Programs designed to create next gen global physicians with advanced skill sets


Post MD

With IFOM Certifications, Program is aiming to prepare medical students and graduates to the global career pathway the program comes with optional Collaborative smart Care suite

Fellowship in Advance Training in Professional Development (FATPD)

Program designed to impart advance skills in the specific specialties such as cosmetic dermatology, Robotic surgery, Maxillofacial surgery and several other specific advance skills. This program also offer option based IFOM training and collaborative care suite. The program duration is about 7.5-month (including IFOM and Collaborative Smart care training)

Post MD and Fellowship Program

Comes with Global Physician passport and collaborative Smart care suite

Post-MD and Fellowships come with IFOM Training, so the Post, MD's / fellowship trainees, can obtain ECMFG certifications to qualify for US and global licensing opportunities.

Post-MD and Fellowship come with an optional * Collaborative Smart Care Suite * this suite consists of Collaborative Smart care diagnostic Lab on a Tab with accessories to assist physicians in delivering collaborative smart care at the clinic, community, and home; this Diagnostic device can help physicians to perform 50+ health tests within 30 minutes in the clinic or at the treatment locations.

Optional/additional license for the medical assistant or Medical Assisting certifications during the first quarter will allow the Post MDs to deliver collaborative care, making them eligible to provide service as a medical assistant, Collaborative care manager, or home care manager. This will assist them with their interim settlement expenses associated with settling down as Physicians.

* Life Membership for collaborative Smart care delivery platform, which will enable them to train Data Driven Precise care, P3DSC protocols for Precise data driven digital smart care protocols, and access to G Med ID-based Electronic medical records training.

This will also enhance chances for professionals to work in physicians' offices, hospitals, or independently as a collaborative care professional

What is Global Physician Passport

The Global physician passport program will offer Post MD and IFOM certification that leads to ECFMG certification, one of its kind of Sub internship in USA, this ECFMG certification will allow physicians to seek license/residency in USA, Ireland, Qatar, UAE,Caribbean, Several African, Australia and New Zealand.



  • Complicated procedure for licensure
  • Lengthy pathway such as 6 years of MD, Exit/NEXT exam preparation period, 2 years of Internship, Expensive program for Post Graduation
  • Despite all this low level of salary and opportunities
  • Disturbing Success rate for NEXT Exams (FMG)
  • Tough life as unlicensed Medical professionals

Advantage of our Post MD and Advance Fellowship training

  • Imparting advance skills for specialty practice
  • Accredited globally recognized Programs
  • One qualifying exam for Sound global career pathway
  • Guidance for Global licensing pathways
  • Additional short term paraclinical license to be eligible for collaborative care, home care and community care during the program
  • Counselling for clinical, Paraclinical, and nonclinical counselling for licensing opportunity in USA, UK, Ireland, MEA, Australia and New Zealand

Post md

Training Physicians for Global Career Opportunities



6 Month program with MSPE and Ref letters optional program for * Post MD


One year Diploma with full residency package with transfer credit options


Two years; with transfer options. Full clinical hrs

Our Fellowship Program

  • Cardiology
  • Emergency Medicine & ICU
  • Cosmetic Gynecology
  • Neonatology
  • Diabetology and lifestyle medicine
  • IVF
  • Robotic surgery fellowship
  • Cosmetic Dermatology fellowship


(Fellowship training in Advance Professional Development)




Accreditation, Listing, affiliation

Fellowship Training in Advance Professional Development

Included packages


American Medical
Assisting Licence


HES box with


Smart care solutions

Lifetime access

Getting lifetime access
for all our assets


Collaborative & smart care
training and certification

Global licence

Practice anywhere with
practitioner license


Admission Counselling

Starting Admission with a sound counseling process, reaching out to the interested student, addressing any inquiries they may have, clarifying any information as needed, and receiving their filled-in application.

Committee Process

The university's admission committee reviews and processes submitted applications. Once they have successfully verified the academic documents, they provide instructions to the Admission Coordinator to proceed with the admission process

Conditional Offer Letter

This letter is issued within 24 - 48 hours of submission of the application.

Tuition Fees Payment

Once an applicant receives the conditional offer letter, they must review and sign it along with submitting the yearly tuition fees to register for the Fast Track BS-MD program.

Cont. Admission Process

Course Registration,
SMS, and SLM release

Once the tuition fees and registration documents are received, an admission letter will be issued along with instructions for the university administration to establish the ECMFG-EMSWP supporting SMS. Besides a Student Learning Management account will be issued.

Student Permit/
Visa Process

To obtain a student visa/permit, students are required to submit a signed copy of their final acceptance letter and all supporting visa documents. They must also complete the visa application form and send it, along with all necessary documents, via FedEx. The visa processing will commence only after tuition fees are received. Once the processing is complete, students will receive their visas and can leave for the campus

Duration of
visa process

4 – 8 working weeks

Cont. admission process

Please courier the following Documents for Visa Processing: