• The cost of attending a Japanese university is significantly less.
  • Japanese universities provide a lot of scholarships from 30% to 100%.
  • It is easy to get settled and obtain PR (Permanent Residency) in japan
  • Japan has one of the best economies in world.
  • The average salary for part time jobs is also very high in Japan compared to other countries.
  • Japan is the king of technology.
  • Japan’s capital, Tokyo is regarded as the second best city for students according to QS ranking and the best city in the world for employability according to QS.
  • The education standard of Japan is very high. This is just the rule in Japan: services are top notch, and that includes Education.
  • According to world rankings, Japan is one of the safest countries of the world.
  • Japan has a very rich cultural heritage.
  • Japan has a very high standard of life.


  • Candidates will be admitted to Japanese language Program in Japan
  • Their Selection will be through the prescribed system by the Language School to satisfy the minimum Eligibility Criteria
  • After completion of Selection Process, VISA documentation of the candidate will be executed
  • On VISA Approval candidates will leave for Japan to Join the School for Language Program