Facts About MBBS Abroad

With the increasing competition for medical seats in the country, most Indian students are looking to study MBBS abroad. It has been the most preferred option for Indian students who wish to pursue a major medical degree outside India. Countries like Ukraine, Spain, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, and Poland are some favorite destinations for MBBS abroad. There are so many facts that attract aspirants to study abroad instead of in India.

No donation or caption fees

Private institutions in India have a large amount of donation or capitation fees, apart from the annual fee. The colleges or universities abroad in Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc have no donation or caption fees. Even the cost of tuition is very less compared to private universities in India. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakhs every year.

No entrance exam for admission

Unlike in India, there is no entrance exam required to ensure admission to MBBS University. Admission will be strictly based on your performance in class 12th. Students with more than 75% in their 12th standard get preference.

Very low cost of living

This is one of the reasons why most students and parents take a step back. Although most foreign countries study MBBS the cost of living is relatively low. For example, Studying MBBS in Poland for Indian students will be quite cheap, as most students can survive with prices as low as $100 and $200 per month. it also depends to a great extent on the lifestyle of the student.

World-class infrastructure

The hospitals have a world-class infrastructure with modern equipment on all the campuses in Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, and the Philippines. For example, studying MBBS in Uzbekistan will be very useful, as most medical universities like Samarkand State Medical University are of a high standard and recognized worldwide by WHO, UNESCO, European Council, etc.

International exposure

When you go to study abroad in a foreign country, you come across other students from different countries, backgrounds, and ethnic origins, students will have access to an international exposure that will help them establish themselves. Students have career opportunities globally. Some foreign universities provide a great opportunity for medical students to be exposed to a large influx of patients.

Quality education

MBBS from a foreign country also brings the students to a practical learning environment which not only ensures them the best quality of education but also helps in polishing their professional skills required in the long run.