Samarkand State Medical Institute : Brief

  • Oldest Medical Institute in Central Asia
  • 6 Faculties, 8 Areas of UG Studies & 54 Departments
  • 4 Lakh books in College Library
  • Also boasts of Electronic Library
  • All Educational & Methodological material available through online portal
  • Has 2 hospitals with 375 and 200 Beds
  • First Hospital established 91 years ago in 1929 and even treated patients during World War-II
  • More than 1 Million Patients treated up till now with over 2 Lakh Complex Surgeries conducted.
  • Over 2 Lakh babies born in this hospital
  • Over 30 lakh patients have gone through Medical examinations on outpatient basis.
  • Hospital has over 200 modern medical devices imported from various countries across the globe
  • Graduates of SAMMI are working in USA, Israel, Germany and Russia

MBBS from Samarkand: Advantages

  • Nearest destination from India.
  • Direct flights up to Tashkent from India with 3 hours Journey.
  • Bullet Train from Tashkent to Samarkand.
  • Very Low Fee Structure compared India for similar Education pattern.
  • Study with International Students and get international exposure.
  • Peaceful, Safe & Secure. No Law & Order problems. Safe for Girls.
  • Good Indo Uzbekistan Relations, making Indian students comfortable.
  • Naturally Beautiful & favorable climate with clean & peaceful living conditions.

About Tashkent State Dental Institute

For a new direction in medical and professional medical education, Tashkent State Dental Institute is one of the best Dental Institutes. This institute is known for its unique activities like the organisation of a modern simulation center equipped with 3D simulators, including Virteasy Dental stimulants, and also meets the prerequisites of the global standard of education. Over the years, a memorandum of cooperation has been signed with less than 75 prestigious universities and companies in foreign countries.
Such modern opportunities are important step in the training of qualified personnel, the widespread introduction of the best practices of world medicine in dentistry, and in promotion of dental services to a new higher level. The duration of training is 5 years. After training, to become a specialized specialist doctor, students need to register or work as general practitioners. The training is conducted in different languages including English. At present, this institute and the departments of the faculty have created all the conditions for the productive study of students.
All classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with all the facilities including projectors and computers, the Internet is working, and a local network is connected. There are educational and scientific laboratories equipped with the latest and advanced technology. At the same time, joint educational programs were developed with higher educational institutions of Finland, Russia, Belarus Republic and other foreign countries in a number of specialties in the field of magistracy and clinical residency. According to the rating, which was accredited and certified by the State Inspectorate for Education Quality Control under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was awarded by the first place among all medical universities and won the 8th place among ten best universities in our country.  

Tashkent State Dental Institute : Advantages

  • All the courses are available in both English and Russian languages. It helps the students to learn and understand the concept easily.
  • This institute has a wide range of specializations courses and students can choose any of them according to their interests.
  • This institute focuses on practical training more than the theoretical study because practical training helps to understand the concept well.
  • This institute allows all the students in scientific research that helps them to explore and experiment more.