Engineering Course : Brief

  • Germany lacks nearly 340,000 specialists in engineering.
  • According to reports Germany’s shortage of skilled workers for so-called STEM jobs – covering science, technology, engineering and mathematics is around 338,000.
  • IW (Institute of German Economy) in its research published recently mentioned that 440000 skilled employees are missing in Germany across all fields, and this could cost Germany 30 billion Euro in industrial output.
  • In a survey conducted recently, three out of five German companies fear that they will not find enough

Advantages to Candidates

  • Schengen VISA valid in 26 Countries.
  • Work Contract & Employment in Reputed Companies
  • Local Support to Candidates till settlement.
  • Eligibility for PR.
  • Eligible for Spouse VISA and Spouse can also work.
  • Eligible for Free Education for Self & family in Germany.


  • Low or No Tuition Fees
  • Top-Ranked Universities
  • Travel Europe on a Student VISA
  • Countless Degree Courses
  • Globally Recognized Study Programs
  • Affordable Costs of living.
  • Work Opportunities for Students


  • TU9 is the alliance of leading Institutes of Technology in Germany.
  • TU9 Universities focus on providing STEM education and conduct research in the fields of climate, energy, efficient and sustainable mobility.
  • Tradition, excellence and innovation characterize the TU9 universities.
  • Founded in the age of industrialization, they continue to contribute significantly to technological progress.
  • Worldwide, they enjoy an excellent reputation as renowned research and teaching institutions that promote knowledge and technology transfer between university and practice
  • They train outstanding young scientists, economists and administrators and assume social responsibility.
  • TU9 universities cultivate top-class international networks and diverse cooperation with industry
  • This makes them an essential element of the science and innovation location Germany